Who I am

Nico Druif

I do what I love best. Since 2004, I have been operating as an interaction designer, specialised in designing websites and applications together with the actual (potential) users. I am highly empathic and my designs are always tailor-made. My first step is always to listen and then take time to ponder on possible solutions (putting up sketches on the wall, adding this, changing that). Call it iterative, agile or lean: I do what needs to be done, my way is hands-on and I always provide visuals to facilitate the discussion.


I am a team player, passionate, fun, friendly. I mostly get to work with a smile on my face and a song in my head. I like to build long-term and productive relationships with clients and teams. I value equality and informality to ensure a fruitful and creative atmosphere.


Next to this, I am an allrounder. I like to think as well as act. I was a web developer and visual designer for a number of years and still keep up with developments in the field, as well as share this knowledge during projects. I guess I love to create things. Also, when a project has reached its final stage, when it is time for the finishing touch, I can be a perfectionist with careful attention for every detail.


I take my assignments seriously. I accept my responsibilities and believe to be a reliable and agreeable member of your team. In any project I think it is important to take time to focus on the end user and involve users in the product design. Projects that aim to improve the world: happier, smarter, more sustainable, honest, free, independent. Projects where work is fun, where people are allowed to play. In short, no projects with a purely commercial focus, where the conversion rules, I am sorry!


Usually I spend a couple of months up to one year on a single project. Between assignments I reserve time for personal development and my own independent projects (like springopjebed.nl en politwitter.nl).


I am a farmer’s son, born in 1982. In 2000, I moved to Hilversum, and after that to Utrecht to study Interaction design at HKU. In 2006, I completed my course “with Honours”, earning my title “Bachelor in Art and Technology” in interaction design. Up to today, my final thesis from 2004 is still cited by a number of companies and in many articles, like on Ddux.org in 2008. Both my final projects were online communities, one more experimental inviting the visitors to create and structure the entire content, and the other for Het Annie M.G. Schmidt Huis, where children could do assignments and participate in the design of the new culture centre. Between 2004 en 2007, I was on the payroll of several companies as interaction designer and web developer. In 2007, I decided to continue my work as an independent interaction designer. My CV is available via LinkedIn, or you can send me an email.


I try to learn from and contribute to the field of interaction design. I am a frequent visitor of conferences and meetings and board member of IxDA Nederland. I organize intervision sessions for freelance interaction designers and I was part of the core committee of the international Interaction14 congress. I share interesting articles on Twitter and sometimes I write one myself. I am a member of Chi Nederland and BNO.

My network

If and when I am not available, please contact a fellow freelance interaction designer from my network. I am very happy to recommend the following people to get you going:


Apart from numerous online articles, I have recently read the following books.

  • de meester methode

    Maarten Meester - De meester methode

  • hoe gaan we dit uitleggen

    Jelmer Mommers - Hoe gaan we dit uitleggen

  • de groene illusie

    Maarten van Andel - De groene illusie

  • lean ux

    Jeff Gothelf - Lean UX

  • change by design

    Tim Brown - Change By Design

  • quiet

    Susan Cain - Quiet

Kan ik je helpen?

+31 (0)6 38 30 28 11

Can I help you?

+31 (0)6 38 30 28 11